Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winner of the week - 14th June to 20th June, 2009

Following my contribution at dotnetspider, i was awarded the winner of the week award

Hello DNS Members,

We are glad to announce, the Winner of the Week Award (14th June to 20th June, 09) which goes to Vijaya Lakshmi RAJKUMAR, who joined us in June, 2009 and now is a Gold member of DNS.Dotnetspider Team congratulates Vijaya Lakshmi RajKUMAR on her achievement. Vijaya Lakshmi RajKumar will be awarded .NET book. We have sent a mail to the Winner to select the Books of his own choice.We request to Vijaya Lakshmi RajKumar to send her choice of the books and to provide shipping address with contact number to send the gift.You can catch the other Winners list at :-->> List of DNS Award WinnersMembers can join us to Congratulate Vijaya Lakshmi RAJKUMAR on this great achievement.Thank you
Thanks & regards,
Gaurav Arora - Sr. Editor

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