Display more than 256 characters of a column in SQL

Posted by VIJI Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to display more than 256 characters in a column in SQL Query Analyzer?

By default, SQL Query Analyzer only displays the first 256 characters for each column's value.

Follow these steps to display up to 8192 characters per column:

1) Goto SQL Query Analyzer menu

2) Select Tools -> Options:

3) Click on Results tab

4. Set the “Maximum characters per column” field to specify the maximum number of characters to display in an output column

5. This value can be between 30 and 8192


This setting also affects the behavior of the Transact-SQL Debugger window

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. i have a question if my column have 25000 character and my column data tyope varchar max now plz tell how can i get correct results. everybody discuss this limit but don't discuss if your column character exceed from 8192 than how to display in result text or grid or file. i have tried all option but not able to display all value store in column. it show only 8192 character afterward vaue has been truncate. my question to u plz tel how extract or display values more than 8192 character. becoz max varchar store 2billion character so there must be a way how to show its store value plz help me


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