Monday, June 29, 2009

List all users logged in to a MS access database

This function will display all users logged in to a MS Access database

Declare Function LDBUser_GetUsers Lib "MSLDBUSR.DLL" _
(lpszUserBuffer() As String, ByVal lpszFilename As String, _
ByVal nOptions As Long) As Integer

Public Function GetUsers(Optional StrDbPath As String)

ReDim lpszUserBuffer(1) As String
Dim intLooper As Integer
Dim Cusers As Long
Dim strMsgBox As String

On Error GoTo Err_GetUsers

' Check to see if a database path was passed
' to the function. If the argument was not used,
' assume that we're to investigate the .ldb
' of the current database.
If IsMissing(StrDbPath) Or StrDbPath = "" Then
StrDbPath = CurrentDb.Name
End If

' Set Cusers to the number of computers currently connected
' to the database. Insert computer information into the
' lpszUserBuffer array.

' Arguments of LdbUser_Get Users:
' 1 = All users who have logged in since the LDB file was
' created
' 2 = Only users who are currently logged in
' 4 = Only users who are causing the database file to be
' corrupted
' 8 = Just return the count of users

Cusers = LDBUser_GetUsers(lpszUserBuffer(), StrDbPath, 2)

' Print possible errors returned by the function.
Select Case Cusers
Case -1
strMsgBox = "Can't open the LDB file"
Case -2
strMsgBox = "No user connected"
Case -3
strMsgBox = "Can't Create an Array"
Case -4
strMsgBox = "Can't redimension array"
Case -5
strMsgBox = "Invalid argument passed"
Case -6
strMsgBox = "Memory allocation error"
Case -7
strMsgBox = "Bad index"
Case -8
strMsgBox = "Out of memory"
Case -9
strMsgBox = "Invalid Argument"
Case -10
strMsgBox = "LDB is suspected as corrupted"
Case -11
strMsgBox = "Invalid argument"
Case -12
strMsgBox = "Unable to read MDB file"
Case -13
strMsgBox = "Can't open the MDB file"
Case -14
strMsgBox = "Can't find the LDB file"
End Select

If Not IsEmpty(strMsgBox) And strMsgBox <> "" Then
MsgBox strMsgBox, vbCritical, "Error"
Exit Function
End If

' Print computer names to Debug window.
For intLooper = 0 To Cusers - 1
Debug.Print "User"; intLooper + 1; ":"; _

Exit Function
MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_GetUsers

End Function


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